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Nasty Julia
Nasty Julia [visit Nasty Julia]
Niche: MILF, solo models, fisting, insertions
Nasty Julia Review: Nasty Julia is all about horny and hot MILF housewife. She's doing really nasty things like pussy fisting, anal fisting, massive objects incertions, pissing and way much more. Really desperate and wild housewife. All content is 100% exclusive and updated mostly everyday. Also custom shoots for site members available.

I've met quite a few girls named Julia over the years, but until the moment I sat down to write this review, I had never met a Nasty Julia. They'd all been very nice and very pleasant, but now, I'm kind of wishing that at least a few of them had been more like the babe on the website I'm moments away from telling you about.

NastyJulia is the online home of a stunning woman. She's a dirty girl who never shies away from trying new things and loves to excite both men and women. If you like seeing raunchy babes in action, she's sure to excite you too. Her content shows her doing things like sucking cock, pissing, stuffing panties inside her slit, sliding big sex toys into her pussy, having her ass pleasured with a dildo and getting fisted.

Julia's latest content is featured on her homepage. She also gives you previews of some of her upcoming material. If you want to see all that she has to offer, all you need to do is venture into her video and photo sections. There are links to both of these areas near the top of the page, so navigation is a breeze.

The video section currently holds 800+ videos. It looks like there are a few more than that, but that's only because some flicks are broken up into parts. You're provided with a preview image for each scene and these give you an idea of what you can expect. If you let your cursor hover over the images, you'll be treated to a series of shots that provide you with an even better idea of what to expect.

The movies can all be streamed in an embedded Flash player, so you can go right ahead and watch them online.. If you do want to save them to your computer, though, you can grab them as AVI files that allow you to witness Julia's nasty acts in HD.

There are 700+ picture galleries waiting for you in the photo section. As with the videos, some of the pic sets have been broken up into parts, so at first glance it looks like there are a few more sets than there actually are. The pictures are always crisp and clear and they come in three different sizes. You'll be happy to know that there are high-res images to be had and you'll also be pleased to learn that you can save your favorites in Zip files.

Julia's been giving us a new video once a EVERYDAY as of late. Let's hope that she continues to do so.

The future looks bright for Nasty Julia, but the website is quite good enough to deserve a recommendation 5 STARS.Best choice.

Nude Beach Dreams
Nude Beach Dreams [visit NudeBeachDreams]
Niche: nudists, swingers, group sex, amateurs, pissing
NudeBeachDreams Review: Nude Beach Dreams is an original site that combines nude beaches and swingers for a raw, hardcore good time. Shot on location at beaches all over the world and featuring exlusive content, Nude Beach Dreams features real swingers hitting up the nude beach to soak up some sun and have some great sex.

My Nude Beach Dreams always consist of really large men and women in their 40s or 50s who look like they've botched laser hair removal. You know the kind of people I'm talking about. The ones who prompt you to yell, "down in front!" so you can see the hot, fit men and women sunbathing. I also have dreams about work (not the fun parts) on a nightly basis, so it's probably time to see a shrink. Then along comes a site like NudeBeachDreams. Freudian through and through (except for the Oedipus and Elektra complexes), there are plenty of carefree hardcore sex scenes, but there's also some more innocent nude sunbathing and tame fondling. You'll find the occasional middle-aged couple and I even noticed a pregnant woman. For the most part, though, beach-going swingers and/or nudists look to be in their 20s or 30s. The cursory movie count is a little higher than what it should be, because some are split up into clips and added a couple of days apart from each other. You're looking at more than 10000+ movies so far. Your Id will give you the impulse to go straight to signing up after I tell you that some of the movies are high-def AVIs and the 50000+ photo sets contain super high-res images. All movies are still excellent in quality and the clips can be pretty long. If I were lying on a leather couch relating my dreams, I'd probably start with all of the voyeuristic scenes of middle-aged folks caught unawares naked and, in some cases, a guy tweaking a lady's nipples or pressing his hard-on into her butt crack ever so discreetly. The wet dreams are probably due to the orgies that take place on secluded shores. These tend to involve younger people. So what's the final diagnosis? There are BONUS SITES also and there is a section with MEMBER-SUBMITTED pics and videos that's worth checking out. You'll have very frequently recurring Nude Beach Dreams (with slight variations, of course) because video updates are DAILY. There's no denying that this EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION will provide you with hundreds hours of raunchy reveries.

Black Nextdoor
Black Nextdoor [visit Black Nextdoor]
Niche: black, girlfriends, amateur
Black Nextdoor Review: There was once a time when you had to peek through bedroom windows if you wanted to see everyday girls being naughty in their homes. Nowadays, though, sites like Black Next Door allow you to watch amateurs masturbate, suck dick and fuck without having to worry about the cops being called on your peeping ass.

As its name suggests, the girls featured on BlackNextDoor are ebony hotties. These babes sport a variety of looks and the best way to discover them all is by making your way through the website's model index. Each model has their own page where you can find all material that they appear in. The site also has separate video and photo sections, so getting to the main collection is easy.

There are currently 14000+ movies and they can all be streamed in an embedded Flash player or downloaded in Windows Media format. Other downloadable formats are often offered as well. There are average-quality vids and great-quality videos, but it seems as though you're most likely to come across ones that offer HD-quality playback.

If you give the flicks a look, you'll see black beauties playing with their pussies, giving great blowjobs and also having hardcore sex. Some of the movies can really vary in length, but none of this should come as a shock to you because this is genuine amateur content that we're dealing with and some things take a shorter or longer time with the non-pros.

There are 15000+ photo sets and they bring you shots of ebony chicks getting naked and naughty. The pics come in three different sizes and they can all be downloaded in Zip files. Similar to how the movies vary in length, the photo galleries really vary in size. You might find a little more than 10 pictures in one gallery and then find over 150 in the next one you check out.

One of the best things about the website is the rate at which it updates. It has given us a dozen new videos and 140 fresh sets of pictures over the last 10 days. I really hope that it can keep updating just as often going forward, because there are no extras.

Black Next Door has got some hot amateur content and a decent amount of it at that. There's certainly enough good-quality material to make getting a membership worthwhile, so go ahead and join if you've got a thing for everyday black babes.

Hidden Camera Dressing Room
Hidden Camera Dressing Room [visit HiddenCameraDressingRoom]
Niche: hidden cameras, voyeur, spy cameras
HiddenCameraDressingRoom Review: It's great when couples can enjoy a hobby together and that's exactly what Julia and Robin do. They don't share a passion for model railroading or comic collecting or anything like that, though. No, their hobby has them spying on others, filming them without their consent and posting the resulting videos on Hidden Camera Dressing Room.

We're told that Julia captures her footage by hiding cameras in dressing rooms and public showers. We're also told that not a single one of the people captured on tape knew that they were being filmed at the time. It's certainly easy enough to believe that claim because nobody on HiddenCameraDressingRoom really does anything that would have you questioning the authenticity of the videos.

You don't see women performing for the camera. They simply change out of their clothes, shower and get dressed again. Also, the women come in all shapes and sizes, so it's not like we're presented with an endless parade of models who are supposed to be everyday people.

The homepage gives you previews of upcoming updates and also provides you with links to all the most recent movies. To see all the videos, all you need to do is check out the six links at the top of the page. Each one takes you to a different flick that is broken up into shorter clips. How many? As few as 28 or as many as 108. These clips run for about 3-5 minutes each, so even though there are only six NEW videos TODAY, you can at least take some comfort in knowing that they're really quite lengthy.

You can stream the more then 2000+ individual clips in an embedded Flash player and you can often download them in a few different formats, like 3GP, AVI, MP4 and QuickTime. The AVI and QuickTime downloads allow you to enjoy great-quality playback, so they're probably your best bet.

Due to the nature of the website, it probably won't surprise you to learn that there aren't any photo sets. There aren't any vid caps or extras either, so all the website has to offer are its movies. Thankfully, it doesn't make you wait too long for new clips.

We've gotten 20 over the last 10 days and it looks like we'll be getting more in future. By the way, we wouldn't normally count getting a part of a film as a proper update, but in this unique case we're making an exception.

Hidden Cam Dressing Room really lets you experience locker rooms and public showers as if you were a fly on the wall. With such a BIG UNIQUE COLLECTION, the website is worth joining. Another voyeurs sites hasn't to offer more...

Dirty Public Nudity
Dirty Public Nudity [visit DirtyPublicNudity]
Niche: public, flashing, amateurs, pissing
DirtyPublicNudity Review: Should you ever find yourself playing "truth or dare" with some Eastern European babes, you might just want to dare them to strip naked and wander around outside. If what I've seen on sites like Dirty Public Nudity is to be believed, chicks from that particular part of the world are more than happy to parade about in public without their clothes on.

DirtyPublicNudity has 500Gb videos for you to check out and they each feature "hot amateurs nude in public." Some chicks just show their tits and pussies to the camera while their backs are turned to prying eyes, while other more adventurous ones squat down to pee out in the open or prance around public places while fully exposed. There aren't many chicks willing to go all-out and fuck in a public space, but if you look hard enough, you will find some.

The movies can be downloaded as AVI files and it looks like they all offer SuperHD-quality playback. That's great and you're likely to be impressed by their lengths. They're not very short and some are even more than a 20 minute long. In fact, I think the longest flick I came across had a running time of just over 30 minutes.

If the movies don't give you enough time to enjoy the public nudity, you can cast your eyes toward the 16000+ photo galleries and take as much time as you need to enjoy the sexy sights. The pics are high-res and you can view them in automated slideshows. You can also download them in Zip files.

When the site has its act together, it seems to update every two days. There are any extras included with a membership, and the frequency of updates and overall amount of content guarantees that you'll be busy for a long while. Dirty Public Nudity does enough things right to merit a look

Nude Beach Dreams
Juicy Girlfriends [visit JuicyGirlfriends]
Niche: teens, girlfriends, private, swingers, group sex, amateurs, voyeur
JuicyGirlfriends Review: In an online world where just about every sitename has been taken, it's always good when you find one that tells you exactly what to expect. Such is the case with Juicy Girlfriends, a site that posts user-submitted pics and vids by proud lovers, jealous exes, natural exhibitionists and the like. As they state on the homepage, they will "pay you cash for every picture set or video" of Juicy Girlfriends you send them, in addition to a free membership. That's a pretty good incentive for people to turn over material that was probably intended for a small, very private audience. As the name suggests, you'll find here are in the 18 to 25-year-old range. You'll find a myriad of body types too, from rippled torsos and muscular arms to babes with big tits, round bellies and more than enough junk in the trunk. You'll find a decent variety among the over 18000+ videos, such as solo masturbation webcam shows and hardcore one-on-on home videos. At the top of the page, they have a list of categories (like cumshot, anal, booty and busty) that helps to keep things nice and organized. All of the vids are available for download as Windows Media, AVI, Flash and MP4 files. The AVI and MP4 files provide great-quality playback, but you'll want to go with the Windows Media option because you'll be treated to stellar-quality playback. If you don't want to download, you can stream all the scenes in an embedded player. The more than 20000+ picture galleries feature soft and hardcore action. In terms of size, the galleries are a mixed bag. You'll find some with as many as 60 and some as few as eight. There are some high-res pics among the sets, but most of what you find will be medium-res. Zip files are included with all the galleries. Another great feature is the daily updates. I found some days that had as many as four movies and five galleries posted. Add that to the really sweet amateur action and what's not to love? Juicy Girlfriends offers some exciting material and if your porn tastes run toward fresh-faced youngs babes, you'll find a lot to like.


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